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Shadow Values- The undercurrent, ego driven reason we self-sabbotage and unresourcefully limit our lives

jess butters - performance, life and mindset coach

The age old question, what is the difference between these three mediums? Why are they so different and some amazing secret tips for business, sales and hiring the right marketing agency.

Charmaine walker - founder of insideCircle

Julian talks with International speaker and certified trainer/facilitator for Mindvalley, Jade Green.


They speak about finding your purpose within your business and staying true to that. Recruitment in a whole new way, finding and staying withing your working "Genius".

Facebook Lives

Investments, planning your financial future and all things money. Jackson jumps deep into discussion about why so many australian's will not live the life they deserve due to the lack of foresight

Jackson milan aka "the wealth mentor" - Founder and international best selling author of 'enjoy the journey' at aureus financial

How do you lead your business and why leadership is one of the biggest drivers for your business' growth.

Julian explains what he has seen within the sme landscape and how the 'old school', top down approach is a achaic  management style that doesn't serve anyone but the ego of the over paid manager

What julian believes are the pillars of business success: recruitment, sales, finance and creating the right clarity for you and your organisation.

in this episode julian gets personal, he shares some of his struggles, challenges and what it takes to be able to handle anything, especially when you are not ready for it.

Buisness is a great teacher and developer of character, meaning