The single most important attribute for success and three ways to ensure you maintain it.

When it comes to success, the best thing, it leaves clues.

As society changes at an ever increasing rate, I feel we are so focused on outcomes, results and destinations propelled through goals, creating quarterly game plans and taking massive action. Unfortunately, we forget the one major attribute that will allow us to drive through the hard times and create the success we deserve, whether you are in small business, a sole tradership or an employee these successful traits will be echoed.


Don’t listen to everyone– It’s amazing how many people are trying to build success in their life but continue to dismiss the effect that their surroundings play in denying them that opportunity. Now, I am not saying that you should eliminate everyone that has a negative comment about your project or idea, but be extremely careful and wary of what these remarks do to you over time. Ensure you have some serious emotional backers in your corner.

Encourage success around you– some people that have a lower EQ or the ones that are incredibly self-absorbed only want themselves to create success. I am all for competition, but this thought process is extremely limiting in the fact that ‘if no one is successful then no one is successful.’ Who are they going to share their success with? I would say surround yourself with people that are way better than you, allow them to push and drive your success.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Stop comparing and never rest on your laurels– remember there will always be someone smarter, stronger, wealthier than you (unless you are the world champion, in which case there is only one way to move, and everyone wants your spot). Innovation doesn’t move business forward unless people continue to innovate.


Build confidence continuously– Grandpa always used to tell me “Whatever you start, you MUST finish”, I never really understood the positive implications of this thought process until I realised its connections with my own life. The ‘knock-on’ effect of finishing what you start and the continued confidence that is built over smaller success, thus creating positive, forward momentum is essential to your success.

Be careful of the language you use– this can play a dramatic effect on how we feel about a given circumstance. If there was an event that may not have been the most beneficial to our success, there are a few ways to view it. The first would be, what is the IPO (The Intended Positive Outcome) change the question from “Why me?” to “What is the positive I can take from this?”. Secondly, modify the terminology, use more positives words, change disaster to challenge or even adventure, change catastrophe to an experience or interesting.


Understand that fear should drive you– I hate to be scared, I fear fear. The reason is that fear is the one thing that will hold anyone back from what they truly want in life. Therefore I have a principle that has done me quite well over the years “If I don’t want to, or I am scared to do it, then that is the EXACT thing that I must do.”

Being adaptable and flexible is not a sign of weakness– this is the ultimate in EQ, we all know that plans change, things don’t always work out to the exact plan that we had meticulously set out and orchestrated. The ability to adapt to new governmental regulations, industry standards or even suppliers lack of time certainty, will ensure you stay sane and able to make better logical decisions.

I believe business and life is like water, if you hold water in your hand and try to control, squeeze and aggressively ensure that no water falls out what would happen? It would slip between your fingers, and there would be no water left within seconds. Now you also can’t just let it go all over the table without any structure or guidance. It needs your leadership, supervision and direction to move around, over or through obstacles and to the predetermined outcome.

The single most important attribute for success is your MENTALITY, it's like a muscle, its like going to the gym, it needs to be built, used, maintained and then tested and pushed to increase it strength and durability. These "Character building moments" are the only way for you to test your mentality. At first, you will suck, you will complain, whine and whinge, someone might even tell you that you're being negative (I hope someone does, if not, you need to change your circle of influence).

These are the career defining moments, the moments when you can look back and either be proud of the way you handled the situation or learn to deal with yourself and the situation better for next time.

We are all on this growth journey, some with grow from these moments and reach the upper echelons of their potential, some will remain the same and have a reason for why they are not reaching their targets.

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