3 Tips to SMASH any goal

Watch for Distractions

The age of ‘digital dementia’ upon us, we are intensely distracted by our own lives, all self-inflicted remember. The further you progress in this journey of life, business and self-discovery, the more we are exposed to new ideologies, insights and amazing opportunities. While this is fundamentally crucial for you to live the fulfilled life you desire, we are often pushed and pulled in every way, trying to please everyone and experience everything not realising the effect that doing everything at once is actually slowing us down.

By creating a single-minded attack on your goal WITHOUT distraction will have a huge impact into propelling you forward. 

By shutting the back door it will allow for laser focus, clarity and ultimately progress rather than ‘circuit training’ and spinning your wheels.

Change it from a Goal to an Outcome

As Yoda says "Do. or do not. There is no try"

Goals and targets are very much subjective and can be, to the undisciplined, filled with reasons why it didn't happen, some may even be legitimate. If you change it from a goal to an outcome it will make it a black and white, yes or no answer rather than a wishy-washy, "yeah but... was the reason I didn't hit it"

Like a mission, if you were an elite Seal Team 6 member, they have do or die outcomes with massive consequences if the mission is a failure. Now, obviously that is an extreme example but if we could put some of that urgency, attention and intention into our lives, what could we achieve? 

Discipline before Motivation

You don't need more motivation, you need discipline.

Most of us think that we need something or a stimulus to be motivation to get our act together... WRONG, what we really need is more discipline. Think of doing your homework when you were in school, if you were disciplined you would have done it no matter how you felt, what cartoons were on or what your friends were doing on their BMX. The snooze button is the example that probably rings true for most, motivation is what you watch on YouTube before you can face the day, if you're disciplined you will be in the shower before you have even thought about it. 

BIG TIP: Do not let yourself get away with little things ie the snooze button, that cheeky extra big slice of cake or when you just don't feel like that gym or class... GO.

These are the moments in your life that the universe is testing you to see if you really want the goal you set. 


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