We are proud to bring you our latest and most comprehensive business course.

Unlike other courses that are run from templates or delivered by people that have never actually run businesses before, this course has been created and has evolved from over 20 years of business experience, $100's of millions in collective sales and has been taught to 1000's of business owners around the country.

This concentrated collaboration of skills, disciplines, and business fundamentals have accelerated our growth in every industry we have entered.

We are proud to announce the latest offer from Spartan Business Academy that will;
  • accelerate your growth
  • allow you to operate your business with more confidence
  • give your clarity around your business's future 

As well as;
  • Increase your market share
  • Increase your profitability
  • Increase your team and allow it to grow with stability and harmoniously
  • Help you understand how to properly market your product
  • And scale without going bankrupt


Spartan business academy business course:
Business profit mastery

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"Never heard of it? Neither  had I until I was speaking to my uncle about bringing this course to life


After doing a little research it was clear that most business owners go through this exact journey of massive confidence and enthusiasm, "Mount Stupid", when they start the business but after they are there for a little while, that can quickly turn into the aptly named "Valley of Despair"

This is where I find most of the people that need our support from Spartan Business Academy are, or close enough

This is not a nice place to be and an even worst place to stay

I will be your coach, your mentor, and your guide out of this valley and help pass on the skills and disciplines required to run a Million dollar company

I have used the exact formula that I run through with you in every single company I have started and run and this is the blueprint for all my clients that we coach"

- Julian Van der Waal

Director - Spartan Business Academy

Director and Head of Procurement and Partnerships - Empower Solar Commercial




Our mindset is one of the most important tools within our business, without a strong one there will be limitations.

We dive deep into what makes you tick and how to have a warrior mentality, not a worrier.

We tackle what you should be focusing on and remove the fog around the distractions that arise on a daily basis.

This will be the underpinning strength behind all things great within your business and as you expand.
Remember, your business will never outgrow the you.



It's all too common for a business owner to start a business with hope, passion, and an idea but unfortunately, they soon find out that it's just not enough to survive the complexities of the business world.

We will develop and find your personal and business vision, mission and create your rock-solid value system to guide and help navigate every aspect of your business' growth.

This foundational module will enable clear direction, easy performance management and ultimately keep you, and your business on the straight path to success.


Finances in a start-up, or at any stage in a business, are sometimes either too scary to look at or just daunting, this often leads to limited cash flow, wasted tax deductions, and overspending on non-revenue-generating activities.

We will develop budgets for each department and ensure that the money is being spent in the right areas of the business rather than being wasted on all the 'would be nice' aesthetics.

Also gives you the confidence to make better financial decisions around what is actually going to make your business grow


Sales are one of the most overlooked aspects of those revenue-generating opportunities, as odd as it sounds probably 80% of the business owners that we speak with HATE doing sales within their own business.
We will change that mentality, then work on giving you;
  • clear and replicable sales processes
  • discovery your most profitable route to market
  • increase your market penetration
  • make your business grow in new areas

    This module is all about creating consistent, replicable sales opportunities and profitability.


Understanding the difference between Marketing, Branding, and Sales will allow you to establish the right budgets and KPIs for each separate fundamental.

We will investigate what your current marketing strategy is, refine and execute market cut through as well as enhance your brand.

It is always astonishing how many companies still don't understand the difference between the three very separate verticles and what it takes for all three aspects to drive more business when working together as a collective.



In this Module, we will enter and learn about the art of recruitment. Similar to sales, there are various aspects that need to be well thought out before even writing an ad for SEEK or any other platform.

You will learn how the industry works, how to properly incentivise new team members, and how to attract them to your business to ensure you have the best team around you rather than working at your competitor.

If you want to scale properly you need great people around you and too many businesses don't think enough about their people as an appreciating asset but rather a cost to the business.

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This next level of business growth is one of the most difficult as your time is now split between offices, locations, and people.It can also be the most devastating for your business.

The final module will teach you how to effectively scale into new territories, set up locations, negotiate better lease terms, and enable a systematic approach to your business's expansion without losing your incredible culture.

With clear milestones and clarity around your growth, it will reduce the overwhelm of your next step, give you clear structural guidelines that staff can execute with proficiency.




If you have an idea, passion for a certain product or service, and you need support to map out exactly how to build that empire



Our business will never outgrow the business owner, therefore we must stay ahead of our competitors by increasing our business accumen



If you want to increase your income, you have to increase the value that you can add to your business



So you have a business but you are struggling to get it to the next stage

It's not from lack of trying, but something is just missing


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